The Rolling Stock

The CFHVS already has a historic train that will take part of the animations of our activities.

Everything you see on this page has been restored or built by La Suzanne!

The Meusien car

We have found the plans of the era of the Meusian cars, the atypical bulging shape was wanted by Charles Varinot so that his small railway in metric way looks like a great and diligences of the time.

During World War I, these cars were used to transport medical personnel.

car type: 1st and 2nd class
single axles
origin: silver white wagon
restoration date: 2014
length: 5m62
height: 3m
tare: 6,5t
Passengers: 24 (6 in 1st, 16 in 2nd)

The sanitary wagon

At the beginning of the first world war, the sacred way did not exist yet, only the rail network Meusien was able to supply Verdun!

The wagons on the go were loaded either in food (canned, live beef ...) or ammunition or miscellaneous equipment. The return was with serious injuries.

Simple axles
origin: silver white (1904)
length: 5m90
height: 3m
tare: 5,55t

The gondola

Found at the same time as the locomotive Suzanne, it was the first to be restored!

Belonging to the Meusian company at the time, it is also classified as a historical monument (the small roof is there to protect it!).

single axles
origin: Meusian company 1892
restoration: 1993
length: 4m58
height: 1m90

Lounge car

In general, the presidents of the local railways had a lounge car which served as their mobile office.

It was usual to lend it when the President of the Republic came.

Hence its name; the salon car Raymond Poincaré!

Simple axles
Origin: Jura railway
Restoration: 2015
Length: 7m20
height: 3m10

All the above elements are visible on the website of the association; rue du Varinot Road. Bar-le-Duc. France