bicycle Michaux

The model of a Michaux velocipede

La maquette d'un vélocipède Michaux

The Meuse, the land of inventors, must honor his children whose creative spirit has led to major technical advances (Pierre and Ernest Michaux and pedal velocipede, Nicolas Cugnot and the steamer, Frédéric Dyckoff and the diesel engine, General Estienne and the tank ...).

Fun activities will be organized at the end of the train in memory of these great inventors while waiting for the creation of a "Park inventors Meusiens" that we propose to elected officials.

The Cugnot loader: the first motorized vehicle

Le fardier de Cugnot : le premier véhicule motorisé

First tank Renault FT 17

premier char d'assaut Renaud FT 17

The diesel engine Dyckhoff.

le moteur Diesel Dyckhoff