The story of Suzanne


After the disappearance of the network

The disappearance of the Meusian metric gauge network saw the dispersion of materials or their destruction. Of these, a small locomotive 031T-C.M. n ° 26, christened "La Suzanne", was saved from the t
orch and acquired by a public works company: Grands Travaux de France.

Photo of Suzanne on delivery in 1891

Photo de la Suzanne à la livraison en 1891This 14-ton vacuum locomotive had been delivered to the Revigny-sur-Ornain depot in December 1890 and put into service in January 1891 on the line connecting Haironville to Triaucourt.

Until 1914, it served to pull mixed convoys "travelers-goods" in the valley of the Saulx and the south of the Argonne. From December 1, 1914, it was requisitioned with all materials of the Meusian network to participate in the supply of the front.

In 1919, she was reassigned to the Haironville-Triaucourt line until 1933, the year of the inauguration of the new line Robert-Spain-Haironville normal track grafted on the path that led from Saint Dizier to Revigny-sur-Ornain, then Vouziers.

The liquidation of the Meusian railway intervened in 1936 and the Suzanne avoided the destruction promised to the other equipment of the network

L'épave de la Suzanne en 1981 à St-Valérie sur Somme
In the Bay of the Somme and its return to Bar-le-Duc

It was seen reappearing in 1941/1942 in the Baie de Somme to help build the Atlantic Wall around Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, between Cayeux-sur-Mer and Ault, on a line built specifically and attached to the network of baths of sea.

The wreck of the Suzanne in 1981 in St-Valérie sur SommeThe Second World War ended, the Service des Domaines sold it to a scrap dealer of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme who, curiously, did not destroy it. This is where O.T.S.I. Bar-le-Duc recovered it and decided to repatriate it to Bar-le-Duc. It was done on April 25, 1981 ...

The venerable locomotive still knew abandonment and rust until 1992, the year of the creation of an insertion site in order to restore it and, on the other hand, its classification as a "Historical Monument" in the company of of a Meuse wagon car dated 1892.



The integration project and the "La Suzanne" association, created in 1997, looked into her fate and, 16 years later and 50,000 hours of hard work, managed to restore it in her livery of 1890.

Thus, on November 5, 2008, she was seen leaving the hangar for its inauguration in the presence of the authorities of the department of the Meuse and the city of Bar-le-Duc but also a large audience enthusiastic about the results. spectacularly obtained.

Between April and June 2009, on the occasion of the European Steam Festival in Saint Valery-sur-Somme, she successfully completed her "steam" tests on the network of the Baie de Somme Railway (BCF.B.S.).

Since then, she pawed with impatience in her restoration shed hoping to find the 4 km 200 metric track promised in the Forest of Massonge, former place of his exploits of young locomotive.

The Suzanne in the Somme Bay after its restoration

La Suzanne en Baie de Somme après sa restauration

You want to see Suzanne with your own eyes? The C.F.H.V.S provides guided tours.


- Written by Jean Boucheré -